Carla Gugino joins the cast of 'Hell Girl' Writer's New Horror Comedy

According to Deadline, Carla Gugino (‘The Haunting of Hill House’) has joined the cast of the horror comic ‘Lisa Frankenstein‘, which will have the script signed by Diablo Cody (‘Hell Girl’).

besides her, Liza Sovereign (‘Working with Ex’), Joe Chrest (‘Stranger Things’) and Henry Eikenberry (‘Euphoria’) have also been confirmed in the cast.

Kathryn Newton (‘Freaky: In the Body of a Killer’) and Cole Sprouse (‘Riverdale’) will star in the production.

Set in 1989, the plot follows a failed student who accidentally revives a beautiful Victorian corpse during a thunderstorm, and begins to rebuild him as the man of her dreams using the broken tanning chamber in her garage.

Zelda Williams will be responsible for directing, in addition to signing the script alongside Cody.

Filming is scheduled to begin during the North American summer.

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