Charlie Cox begins training to return to play 'Daredevil';  Check out the video!

the training of Charlie Cox to return to play the hero Daredevil in the revival ‘Daredevil: Born Again‘ officially started! Through Instagram, a new video was shared with the star exercising for his return to the role.

The training took place at Team KF Martial Arts, in Dublin, where cox is currently filming the second season of ‘kin‘, crime drama AMC+🇧🇷

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Scheduled for 2024, production will feature 18 episodesmaking it the longest series in the Marvel🇧🇷

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And, during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, cox gave some details about the attraction, suggesting that the plot can be told from scratch.

“That happens a lot in the comics. In a way, what’s great about this idea of ​​retelling stories is that we can potentially tell some of them over and over again in the same way they do in the comics, you know?”

He continued:

“Every now and then they start at the beginning of Murdock’s journey as a little boy and tell the whole origin story all over again. So maybe we can do that in the new series. Who knows? I don’t know.”

And, according to the journalist Jacob Fisherfrom DiscussingFilm, the start of recordings is scheduled for February 2023 and should last at least 11 months, being completed in December.

Fisher also says that the series will be filmed in New York, as well as the defunct series of Netflixand not in Atlanta, where most of the projects of the Marvel/Disney+🇧🇷

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“That has already been said, but I can confirm that they are planning to shoot the series in February and that could take practically the entire year. I don’t know if you already know, but ‘Daredevil: Reborn’ will be filmed in New York (instead of Atlanta, where the Disney+ series filmed).”

Remembering that the title ‘Daredevil: Reborn‘ references the comics, in a narrative arc where the hero and the Kingpin face off in one of the darkest clashes in history. Marvel🇧🇷

After the confirmation of the new Man Without Fear series, fans are going wild on social media and thanking you for the recognition that the hero is finally receiving.

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Previously, about the series’ return after the cancellation of Netflix🇧🇷 cox had stated, “I’m a huge fan of everything Marvel has done, and I wouldn’t underestimate them. If they want to make a less violent version of ‘Daredevil’ then I will support them. Maybe there may be less blood, but I will be on their side in their decision.”

The series ran for three seasons, with a total of 39 episodes until it was cancelled, along with the other series in the series. Marvel at Netflix🇧🇷 Recently, all of them entered the catalog of the Disney+ in the United States.

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