CHAVES – If the classic series were adapted in Hollywood, which stars would star?

Last month there was a rumor, or at least something similar. And if the famous series Keys really won an American remake and was bought by some famous streaming channel out there? Who would be the interpreters of the characters? Would it change much of an American view of a Mexican classic? Shall we play make-believe? Follow with us!

Produced by Televisa and created by the brilliant artist and screenwriter Roberto Gomez Bolanos, Keys was created from a short sketch written by Bolaños, where a child argued with a balloon seller in a park. At the beginning of the 70’s, a complete script (the creation of the famous village) and more characters were created, being in its first months a huge audience success, gaining distribution to many Latin American countries. Its first exhibition in Brazil took place only in the 80s, more precisely in 1984 and since then it has never left the hearts of many generations who have learned to love these charismatic characters and their countless episodes of about 20 minutes.

But what would a remake of Keys in the hands of a great Showrunner, a competent director of the North American market? Let’s read below what this creative movie-lover thought maker had envisioned:


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For starters, our imaginative remake needs a Showrunner. For those who don’t know, this position is held by the person responsible for the progress of the series, who maintains command of what is happening, often the creator of the series himself.

The right choice would be: Chuck Lorre.

The 68-year-old New Yorker is a producer, writer, director and even a songwriter. On your resume huge successes such as: Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, two of the most iconic comedy series in contemporary American television history. He would be able to put together a fantastic structure and a lot of creativity in the scripts to make the village of Chaves very popular in Hollywood.


The protagonist. An orphan boy who lived in a house in the village but insisted on staying almost all day inside the barrel. In our remake, as in the original version, an adult plays this child.

The chosen one was: Diego Luna. The talented Mexican actor who has been in several productions such as: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Elysiumeven participated in another classic from the 80s: Carousel (the original version!), would be the right choice for the role and if you realize it has a certain resemblance to the original character.

Your morning

One of the most popular characters in the entire series. The neighbor who doesn’t pay rent, Chiquinha’s father and who runs away when it comes to employment. Perhaps the most challenging character in interpreting such an identification of the audience with its original interpreter. For such a mission, we need a very talented artist who has a huge amount of charisma on stage. In our remake, the chosen one was the Mexican actor who has even been nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor, the Mexican Demian Bichir.


Daughter of Seu Madrugada, she arranges a thousand and one confusions alongside her friends Chaves and Quico. She suffers greatly from her father’s lifestyle (a slacker who doesn’t want to work). To play her, she needs to be an artist who will surprise her. In our remake, as in the original version, an adult plays this child.

The chosen one was: Selena Gomez. The Texan actress and singer would have in Chiquinha the great challenge of her career.


A character pampered by his mother, Dona Florinda, who always gets into trouble with his best friend Chaves and his neighbor Chiquinha. In our remake, as in the original version, an adult plays this child.

The chosen one was: Rob Schneider. The Californian actor has numerous comedies under his belt and can find the right comedy tone for this character.

Dona Florinda

A complicated character, whose mood is constantly changing. A widow, she has almost no tolerance for her neighbor Madrugada, she is irritated by the antics of Quico (her son), and Chaves. Her moment of emotional peace seems to be when Professor Girafales, her great love, enters through the village door.

In our remake, the chosen one was the versatile actress Laura Linney.

This New York artist with a brilliant career both in film and in the series universe, is the right name for this complex character.

Professor Girafales

The great love of Dona Florinda and the teacher of the whole class. A romantic and worshiper of his profession. This character, is more complex than we imagine, is a cultured man who seeks in the love of his great passion his reason for living. For that, you need an experienced and quite eclectic actor.

In our remake, the chosen one was: Richard Jenkins. This stage, film and television actor would put on a show in this role.

your belly

The owner of the village. The man who stops by every now and then to collect his rents and has a hard time finding his Madruga! He is Nhonho’s father. For this role, which needs to have a mixture of rigidity and tenderness, the actor chosen for our remake was: Michael Pena.

A face known to Marvel fans for playing a character in the feature film Ant-Man. One of his big roles had been alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie Marked to die. He will also play the main villain in the live-action adaptation of the classic Tom and Jerry cartoon. A versatile actor who masterfully mixes humor and drama.

Dona Clotilde

Also known as the Witch of 71. She is a widow who lives alone in the house next door to Dona Florinda. She has a huge crush on Seu Madruga (who doesn’t want anything to do with her). The village kids make up countless stories about her. To play her in our remake, a fantastic British artist was chosen: Maggie Smith.


She’s Quico’s cousin, she wasn’t part of the initial cast but won some appearances throughout the episodes, especially those focused on Professor Girafales’ classes. In our remake, as in the original version, an adult plays this child. The chosen one was: Laura Linney (again). The explanation is logical, in the original the interpreter of Dona Florinda is the same as that of Popis (who has only a few appearances, as already mentioned).


At first with short appearances and later joining the main cast, Nhonho is the son of his belly, a spoiled and diligent student who is friends with all the children in the village. In our remake, as in the original version, an adult plays this child. The chosen one was: Jack Black. The famous Californian actor has already participated in several children’s projects such as the new Jumanji, School of Rock, between others. It would be a good choice for this role.

What about movie buffs? What did you think? Do you agree? Would you change any names? Comment!

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