Cheap copy of God of War found on Xbox

Sony fans often beat their chests to say that God of War, one of the most popular series on PlayStation, would never make it to Xbox. Little did they know how wrong they were.

After all, Kratos was recently found starring in a somewhat “strange” game on Microsoft console. Entitled War Gods Zeus of Childthe shameless copy of God of War in which the iconic protagonist faced hordes of opponents in a small, low-quality arena… and that was it. The end.

The finding was disclosed by Eurogamer, who bought the game out of curiosity. According to the report published on the site, the game was developed in Unity and was quite broken and poorly madewithout even counting on music or sound effects of any kind.

Kratos starred in copy of God of War released on Xbox storeSource: Microsoft Store/Eurogamer/Play

This pearl’s animation effects were also poorly polished and limited, with Kratos becoming immobile and sliding, for example, whenever the player tried to walk backwards. Copy of God of War has already been removed of the Microsoft Store and the technology giant would have refused to comment on what happened.

Apparently, War Gods Zeus of Child was part of a program known as the Xbox Creators Collection, in which smaller developers can sell their games on the Microsoft platform. without the need for authorization or approval from the company.

Copying Fall Guys, Dinasaur Falling Survival Stars None Other Than YoshiCopying Fall Guys, Dinasaur Falling Survival stars none other than YoshiSource: Dolaka Ltd/Eurogamer/Play

Who also showed up at the Xbox game store was Yoshi, Mario’s dinosaur friend. In addition to being on the run from the IRS, the friendly little lizard also stars in Dinasaur Falling Survival, a game that clearly plagiarises the popular scavenger hunt game. Fall Guys.

As of now, the game remains available for purchase on the Xbox Store — but it may not be long before Microsoft take action and remove this “wonder” of the catalogue.

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