Check out the 7 best Overwatch 2 characters

Overwatch 2 is a game focused on competitiveness, which means that character choice can influence team balance in the most diverse situations.

With that in mind, we prepared a guide that brings the seven best characters in the game in general, in addition to tables containing the main choices divided into three categories (tank, DPS and support).

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1 – Tracer

Tracer is a character capable of causing a lot of headaches on the opposing team – if used correctly on the battlefield.

If your beach is dealing damage, have no doubt that it can complicate enemy advances a lot by using its ability to plant bombs around the scene, in addition to having good mobility.

2 – Lucio

This one is from Brazil! As a good support, Lúcio manages to stand out in critical moments, being useful in any Overwatch 2 map.

Among the most recurrent strategies is using the Soundwave to push opponents off the map, in addition to saving allies when using the Sound Barrieryour ultimate.

The Brazilian is still able to switch between movement speed and healing buffs, making him a good choice for your team.

3 – Soldier 76

For those new to Overwatch 2, Soldier 76 can be a good option if you want to play as a DPS.

His skills are easy to use, in addition to the fact that he can hit enemies from a safe distance and avoid more direct confrontations.

You can also combine this advantage with the Biotic Field – helping to recover lost energy – and the Tactical Visor, an ultimate that makes Soldier 76’s weapon automatically target opponents.

4 – Genji

Another DPS that enters our list. However, unlike the previous ones, Genji requires a little more skill to use.

Genji is an extremely mobile character, becoming even more dangerous if he uses the Deflect technique at the right times. Not to mention that, his ultimate, the Dragon Blade, he manages to eliminate opponents quickly.

5 – Doomfist

Among tanks, a very welcome choice is to take Doomfist to the battlefield.

One of its main advantages is good mobility, allowing it to quickly approach allies to help them survive in more critical moments – or even enemies to deal damage.

However, there is a detail about this character: he is not very suitable for beginners.

6 – Moira

For a support, Moira brings another advantage in combat: the ability to deal a lot of damage with her attacks.

Combined with this, his Robotic Orb ability can also heal allies, whether they are close or a little further away.

Because of this, she can be a very versatile character if used correctly on the battlefield.

7 – Kiriko

Closing our list, we will indicate Kiriko to those who want to have fun in Overwatch 2 with a support class character.

The ninja can heal allies using homing talismans that don’t need aiming, in addition to attacking with kunai that need aiming to work properly.

Suzu’s Protection skill is also a real asset, as it creates a protective field on allies. Therefore, they become invulnerable for a short periodas well as removing virtually any debuff.

Overall list of the best Overwatch 2 characters

Having gone through our list of the 7 best Overwatch 2 characters, we leave below – quickly and directly – all the fighters in the game and their notes within the specific category. Check out:

best tanks

rank Characters
s doomfist
A Reinhardt, Junker Queen
B Orisa, DVA, Winston
W Sigma, Zarya
D wrecking ball
AND roadhog

Best DPS

rank Characters
s Tracer, Soldier 76
A Ashe, Genji, Cassidy, Sojourn
B Shadow, Echo, Reaper
W Widowmaker, Bastion, Mei, Symmetra
D pharah
AND Junkrat

best supports

rank Characters
s Lucio, Mercy
B Kiriko, Baptiste, Moira
W sojourn
D Brigette
AND Zenyatta

What did you think of our character choices? There are so many that it’s hard to choose just one! Keep an eye out here voxel for more details about games and entertainment!

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