Chris Evans |  Discover the BEST and WORST movies from the star of Netflix's 'Hidden Agent'

Forever immortalized as the superhero captain America from Marvel, the young star Chris Evans, 41 years old, saw his career resurface in a meteoric rise after having accepted to live the aforementioned character for the studio. It was a long shot at the time, as Marvel wasn’t yet what it would become, but it luckily worked out pretty well and made Chris Evans a star at last. The actor even thought about giving up his career, since before 2011, much of his filmography was not, so to speak, full of successes – both from critics and the public. It was thanks to the partnership with the MCU that Evans would see a new wave of popularity in his career, or rather, a true tsunami. His latest release, the super production hidden agent (one of the most expensive films in the history of Netflix) is already the new success of his career, having made a strong impression on the general public. hidden agent (The Gray Man) became the second-biggest debut in Netflix history, having been watched for 88.5 million hours in its first weekend. Other than that, Netflix has already confirmed the continuation of the long, as well as a derivative. In the plot, Evans plays the renegade agent Lloyd Hansen, the villain of the plot, and the actor has a lot of fun creating this hateful antagonist (it has become a specialty of his).

As a way to celebrate this new success of the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo (responsible for four of Marvel’s best films) in their first partnership with Netflix, and also to celebrate this still underrated actor who is Chris Evans (whose next work is the romantic adventure ghostedfrom the director of Rocketman and the screenwriters of Deadpool), we decided to quickly recap the filmography of the young star, pointing out the five best and also the five worst films of his career – in the opinion of critics and the general public alike. Check it out below.

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Since it was the role of Steve Rogers/Captain America that gave a new lease of life to Chris Evans, nothing fairer than starting the top 5 of the best actor with a character movie. And the chosen one could be none other than the best film in the world. captain America in the opinion of the fans, the public and the critics – the winter soldier, the hero’s second feature. Coincidentally, this was the film that marked the entrance of the brothers Russian at Marvel. The take here is that of conspiratorial spy thrillers of the 1970s, and for that, the actor was cast in one of the main roles. Robert Redford, specialist in the genre. In the plot, the protagonist played by Evans discovers a great conspiracy within the American government.

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The above may have featured the only Captain America movie contained in the list, but that doesn’t mean the character won’t appear anymore. This because Evans was an integral and indispensable part of the features of the superteam known as Avengers, which brings together the greatest heroes from Earth and also from space – that is, at least the greatest of Marvel. And guess what, here we have another movie directed by the brothers Russian. After writing their name in the studio pantheon with the second and third captain AmericaMarvel wasted no time in casting the duo in films three and four of Avengers also. Here, it was the beginning of the end, the beginning of the conclusion of ten years of work and several blockbusters, culminating in the so-called infinity war. And the MCU would never be the same again.

When he accepted the role of Captain America, Chris Evans he already knew his contract would hold him for other films. And what would come next would show that the actor was right in his choice. The Avengers was the first MCU phenomenon in theaters, a film that brought together great characters and franchises into one, demonstrating the potential of an interconnected universe on screen for the first time. The phenomenon is completing 10 years of launch in 2022 – it seems like yesterday. In this way Evans had the honor of participating in one of the most successful blockbusters in the history of cinema, bringing together for the first time Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor, in addition to his aforementioned character, symbol of the USA. The idea was ambitious and could have gone terribly wrong. But it worked out very well, thanks to the meticulous command of Joss Whedonwho at the time became the new owner of the world – very different from the esteem he has today, being one of the “canceled” of Hollywood thanks to his abusive behavior on sets.

The first movie to appear on the list that is not part of the MCU, or even a superhero movie, deserves to be praised and recognized. After all the fame gained as one of the great heroes of cinema, Chris Evans decided to invest in characters that represented the opposite. Before living the villain in hidden agentthe actor had already played the role of a despicable subject and owner of few predicates, in this surprise success of the director Rian Johnsonwhich plays with the mythology of classic thrillers from Agatha Christie. In the film, Evans plays the playboy Ransom, an heir in constant war with the family interested in the fortune of his patriarch grandfather, a tycoon of a traditional book publishing company.

2019 was one of the highlights of his career. Chris Evans. Especially for marking the end of a cycle of almost 10 years in which the actor played the character Captain America. This is where Evans said goodbye to the character with a flourish, as well as Robert Downey Jr., his colleague and mentor. Whether they will return in the future, only time will tell. But for now, that was their farewell – in one of the most melancholy and dramatic, but equally affectionate and beautiful, films of all time. Here, Cap fights to save the world, going back in time and messing with reality. But at the end of the mission, he gives up his trajectory in the hero’s uniform in the name of the great love of his life.

We start the list of the top 5 worst of the career of Chris Evans with a production prior to his first appearance as Captain America. That movie, however, came after his two forays into another Marvel hero, the Human Torch in the Marvel movies. Fantastic Four. Many will even be surprised not to find such films here in the “rock bottom” part of the actor. Starting work we have a work not from Marvel, but a product based on one of the great American treasures: the playwright Tennessee Williams. In the plot, Chris Evans plays Jimmy, a boy from humble origins who falls in love and starts a relationship with a wealthy socialite lived by Bryce Dallas Howard. The woman goes against social and family customs to fund the relationship, but when a valuable jewel of hers disappears, distrust falls on the subject. Critics didn’t buy the adaptation and the public ignored it.

Chris Evans he had a phase of his career in which he decided to invest in romantic comedies. The truth is that at the beginning of the 2010s the genre was in full swing, but getting to point out any quality was much more difficult. Thus, in the same year as the first captain Americathe actor served as a pair for the comedian Anna Faris in this comic novel. Considered a generic take on the genre, Faris plays a young woman chasing her great love – this was a time when many films still portrayed young, independent women, but highly insecure about their condition, crediting their true happiness in the company of a man. She decides to run after all the men she has had a relationship with in the past, believing that one of them is her true love. Among the applicants is Chris Evans.

In third place of the least appreciated films of the career of Chris Evans there is this drama about obsession that perhaps descends even less round these days. In the plot, Evans and Jessica Biel they were a happy couple. Until the woman breaks up with the guy. In the pit, after the end of the two-year relationship, which took place six months ago, the subject indulges in alcohol and drugs. In desperation, he decides to suddenly appear at her farewell party, trying to rekindle the relationship. Hard to watch, this film is perhaps recommended only for those who have the desire to see how Jason Statham has hair. This was the second film in a row that Evans made alongside Statham, after the thriller Cell (2004). Even the name of the protagonist here is pretentious: the same as the title of the film.

What if at the release of the romantic comedy What is your number?, Chris Evans starred for the first time with Captain America, at the time of this novel here he appeared for the third time as the character in the same year of the winter soldierhaving also participated in The Avengers (2012). Trying to insert metalanguage into his script, the plot brings Evans as a Hollywood screenwriter writing a romantic comedy, while living one alongside Michelle Monaghan. Trying to be even smarter, the film doesn’t even name the couple, with the protagonist mentioned only as “Me” or “Me”, and his partner as “Her”, or “She”. What really draws attention here is the supporting cast, with actors like Anthony Mackiewho in the same year would partner with Evans at Marvel, and Ioan Gruffudd, which was Mr. Fantastic in the movies Fantastic Four. The result, however, became the second worst film of the actor’s career, in the opinion of critics and the public.

We have reached the bottom of the well of the career of Chris Evans, at least in the opinion of critics and fans. And if the actor had already starred with his Marvel partner, Anthony Mackiethe Falcon, the encounter between Captain America and the Black Widow was not unheard of in The Avengers. It turns out that Evans and the actress Scarlett Johansson had already participated in two films together before the first meeting of the greatest heroes of the MCU. The second was in comedy A Nanny’s Diary, vehicle for Johansson. But it’s the duo’s first partnership that takes first place on the podium as the actor’s least appreciated film. Its about Full mark (2004), a film that few know, even fewer have seen, and so many others try to forget. Backed by MTV Films, the feature features Evans and Johansson very young, alongside other young actors, playing students who decide to break into a testing center and steal their entrance exams in order to pass the test.

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