Chris Rock reacts BAD to Will Smith's apology: "Fuck your hostage video!"

Finally, the comedian Chris Rock spoke about the apology of Will Smith, during the European tour of their stand-up. The statement by the actor and comedian was made last Saturday, during his presentation in London.

According to Deadline magazine, Chris Rock dedicated part of his show to talk about Will Smithand the nearly 6-minute video titled “It’s been a minute…”, posted on the Oscar-winning actor’s official YouTube channel.

In his presentation, Rock reportedly said “fuck your hostage video”, in response to the apology video, posted by Smith in July. During previous performances, Rock talked about the slap he got from Smith during the Oscars ceremony.

“Yeah, that shit hurt. He played Ali. I can’t even play Floyd Mayweather,” he confesses.

Chris Rock referred to Will Smith as “Suge Smith”, in reference to the former Death Row Records music executive, Suge Knightwho is serving a 28-year sentence for murder.

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Will Smith published the aforementioned video just over four months after slapping a Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars 2022, once again breaking the silence on the case.

Remember Will Smith’s video:

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