CLASSIC movies worth watching on Halloween….

O halloween is a controversial date in Brazil, but very celebrated by some people. The atmosphere of terror mixes with the innocence of children asking for candy – through threats of vandalism, of course – and creates a unique date. With that in mind, I talked to the editors of the CinePOP and we arrived at a list of films that cannot be missed in this halloween. Check out!

Abracadabra (1993)

A fan favorite, this film brings a more innocent and fun version of halloween. Designed to be a special Halloween for the Disney Channel, Abracadabra’s script ended up drawing the attention of executives, who saw potential in it and gave the green light to go to theaters. The plot begins in the 1960s, when three witch sisters decide to steal the children’s vitality to stay young forever. The act causes revolt and they are imprisoned for 30 years. In 1993, a young man goes to the city of Salem and ends up unleashing the witches again.

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The Night of Deadly Jokes (1986)

This slasher film takes a group of students to an island mansion, where they plan to spend the April Fools’ holiday. The house is full of April Fools’ pranks, like Styrofoam chairs and fart pillows. But out of nowhere, the friends start to mysteriously die. It’s fun and quite uncomfortable.

Freaked out on Monsters (1987)

with script by Shane Black (Deadly machine), this horror-comedy is a genius cult classic, which plays directly with all the classic monsters of the Universal. A group of self-styled Monster Patrol tweens find a journal written by Van Helsing, which warns of the invasion of the city by monsters, who intend to recover a mystical amulet to put their evil plan into action. The group then decides to use their skills and knowledge about the monster universe to help adults in the most unexpected combat in cinema. Originally released on video, the film was so successful that it ended up in theaters. In addition, the monsters’ makeup and clothes were made by the legendary Stan Winston.

Killer toy (1988)

It’s impossible to talk about halloween without thinking about children and terror. Therefore, Killer toy it is practically the perfect example of the cruelty of the supernatural. After being shot by the police, the serial killer Charles Lee Ray breaks into a toy store, where he performs a Haitian ritual to transfer his soul to the body of a “Good Guy” doll, a sales phenomenon among children. With the ritual completed, the now Chucky ends up being bought by a widowed mother, who gives it as a gift to her six-year-old son, Andy Barclay. From there, the puppet comes to life and begins to play terror in the poor boy’s life.

The ghost hunters (1984)

Second highest grossing of 1984, The ghost hunters have become a true icon of the 1980s. Messing with the supernatural, a group of parascientists band together to investigate supernatural cases and capture ghosts in New York, thus proving that they are not charlatans. Their deeds begin to gain repercussion and business is going well, until the day when a threat greater than anything they have ever faced: the fearsome Zuul. Despite being a comedy film that helped boost the career of Bill Murray, The ghost hunters manage to unite the whole spirit of the halloween. Stranger Things say it.

Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin (1966)

In the 1960s, TV specials from Class of Minduim were successful around the world. In Brazil, they only arrived in the 1980s. With a lot of sensitivity and different from the other productions on this list, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin shows the boy Lino excited for the halloween. Unlike the other children, he is not looking forward to the candy hunt or the costumes, but rather to see The Great Pumpkinwhich would be a kind of Santa Claus for him, who tries to prove his thesis to the Class, but fails and ends up being ridiculed. It’s a story about coming of age. halloweenin addition to being cute.

Panic (1996)

starring Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Skeet Ulrich, Rose McGowan and Drew Barrymorethe film revolutionized the slasher subgenre by bringing Sidney (Neve Campbell) as a student targeted by a mysterious assassin who killed his victims inspired by horror movies. The feature while innovating, satirizes the horror genre, but the strong inspiration in the franchise halloween makes him a good choice for this October 31st.

The ghosts have fun (1988)

There’s no way to make a list halloween without having at least one movie Tim Burton. Mixing comedy with horror and even musical, this movie is 100% politically incorrect and brings the dead in control of the situation. It tells the story of a couple who have a car accident, dies and peacefully haunts a house. Until a snobbish family buys the property and begins to take the peace out of the hauntings, which appeal to a hateful creature called Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton).

halloween (1978 – currently)

Started in 1978 as Halloween: The Night of Terrorthe deductible of John Carpenter already spans 12 films. Some are wonderful, while others are so offensive as to be so bad (I’m talking to you, Halloween 6 – The Last Vengeance). But the truth is that the horror of halloween practically comes with this franchise, which brings the serial killer Michael Myers behind Laura Strode, or her own niece or relatives of the Strode family. Always attacking on Halloween night, the assassin is one of pop culture’s icons and it’s worth taking the day to check out the franchise.

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