'Elvis': Austin Butler Reveals How He Became The King Of Rock In New Video;  Check out!

September has started! In between Rock in Rio and weekend in the middle of the week, we kind of didn’t even realize that the month had already started, right? But there’s a lot of good stuff coming, so check out the best streaming platforms have prepared for us this month!

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power‘ – Prime Video

If you still don’t know or haven’t seen it yet, then run watch the first season of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power‘, the newest production inspired by the universe of Tolkienwhich arrived on the platform on September 2.

‘Elvis’ – HBO Max

Enjoy watching:

One of the most anticipated premieres of the month! After its success on the big screen, the King of Rock biopic finally reaches the platform of HBO Max for people to check out this one that is already one of the favorites Oscar for Best Actor!

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ – Disney+

Another long-awaited debut on streaming! the new adventure of Thor and gives Mighty Thor arrives at the platform the day after the weekend, the 8th!

‘Pinocchio’ – Disney+

The newest adaptation of the classic story of the ‘Pinocchio‘, the wooden toy that wanted to be a real boy, arrives at Disney+ on the 8th bringing Tom Hanks as Geppetto.

‘Tierra Incognita’ – Disney+

New original series from disneyplus premieres this September 8 with all episodes at once. It tells the story of a teenager who discovers a frightening world while searching for the truth behind his parents’ mysterious disappearance.

‘Cars on the Road’ – Disney+

And it’s not that the franchise ‘cars‘ is back? On the 8th of September the platform of disney premieres a series of nine shorts inspired by the most famous cars in the animated world.

‘Growing Up’ – Disney+

New original series on the platform, executive produced by Brie Larsonour ‘captain marvel‘. Premiere on the 8th bringing the challenges of young people between 18 and 22 years old as they tell their stories.

‘Marvel Studios Forward: Behind the Scenes of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ – Disney+

produced by marvel studiosliterally tells the backstage of the new ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’with images and testimonials from the cast during the pandemic.

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi Return of the Jedi’ – Disney+

Since one series was not enough to satisfy the fans’ anxiety, the Lucasfilm bring in this Disney+ Day the documentary that tells the backstage of the creation and recording of this series that told the story of one of the most important characters in the Star Wars universe.

‘My Daughters’ – Disney+

Original documentary that arrives on the 8th, tells the story of two young daughters of undocumented Mexican immigrants in the United States, showing the guilt they feel for being legal citizens in a country where their family is considered to be illegally documented.

‘Abracadabra 2’ – Disney+

The long-awaited sequel to the classic 90s movie hits the platform on September 30th, featuring the hilarious evil sisters Sanderson in yet another havoc on the eve of the halloween.

‘Andor’ – Disney+

The universe ‘Star Wars‘ expands once again with the 21st arrival of the series ‘andor‘, with the premiere of the first 3 episodes of the adventures of Cassian Andor on his journey to become a rebel hero.

‘The Choir: Success Here I Go’ – Disney+

Another original series on the platform that focuses on the story of a group of young people who see an ad for the casting of a famous play and need to do their best in the auditions.

‘Turning the Game of Champions – Season 2’ – Disney+

Success abroad, the second season of the boys who play youth hockey arrives on the platform on Wednesday the 28th.

‘Between Marriages’ – StarPlus

New original series on the platform, arrives on the 8th and tells the story of the incurable romantic Stefan and the charismatic Katiewho start a lightning relationship and, suddenly, find themselves forced to flee from the police.

‘Chat with Friends’ – StarPlus

Frances and her best friend, bobbi, attend the same university. They have dated in the past, but remain friends… until they meet new people. The first season arrives on the 21st.

‘Until proven wrong’ – StarPlus

The first episodes arrive on Tuesday the 27th, and new episodes will arrive every Tuesday bringing Kerry Washington like a brilliant Los Angeles attorney.

‘Tell Me Lies’ – StarPlus

The first three episodes arrive on Wednesday, 28, focusing on the story of a troubled relationship over eight years. New episode every Wednesday.

‘The Old Man’ – StarPlus

First complete season of this series inspired by the book of the same name by Thomas Perrybring Jeff Bridges as an ex-CIA estranged until an assassin finds him and tries to kill him, taking him back to this dangerous world.

‘The Kardashians’ – StarPlus

The second season of the life of socialites arrives exclusively on the platform on the 22nd.

‘Repatriate’ – StarPlus

Original series that premieres the full season on the 21st and focuses on the story of a young boxer in the USA who ends up arrested and deported to Mexico City.

‘Limbo’ – StarPlus

Argentine series with ten episodes brings its complete season on the 28th, telling the story of a young millionaire whose father dies, which forces her to return to Buenos Aires and face the intense dispute of possessions in her family.

‘The Messenger of the Last Day’ – StarPlus

The platform’s original horror film, premiered on the 16th. It tells the story of young teenagers who begin to disappear, and the inhabitants begin to suspect that what is happening may be linked to an old local legend.

‘I, Traitor’ – StarPlus

A film that tells the story of a young heir who asks his father for part of his inheritance to try to build his own legacy around the world, and ends up in Argentine Patagonia.


‘Goodnight Mommy’ – Prime Video

Thriller drama remake of the 2014 Austrian hit. It tells the story of a mother and her two children in a lonely country house, who, after undergoing surgery, finds that her life will never go back to the way it was before. The 16th arrives.

‘The Exorcism of My Best Friend’ – Prime Video

Supernatural horror movie that arrives on the 30th, inspired by the book of the same name by Grady Hendrix.

‘September Mornings’ – Prime Video

The second season arrives complete on the 23rd, with liner back in the lead role.

‘House of Hammer’ – Discovery+

Behold, out of nowhere and on the sly, the series of Armie Hammer premiered on September 2 at Discovery+bringing the controversies and oddities of the actor from ‘Call Me By Your Name‘.

‘Honor Society’ – Paramount+

With Gaten Matarazzo in the cast, this comedy movie hits the platform on the 16th.

‘Licorice Pizza’ – Prime Video

One of the darlings of Oscars 2022 arrives on the platform on the 10th of September.

‘The Serpent Queen’ – Starzplay

The platform’s new original series in an eight-episode historical drama format revolves around the lives of Catherine de Medici. Premieres on the 11th.

‘Toda La Sangre’ – Starzplay

The long-awaited original thriller series on the platform arrives on the 15th. It follows a tabloid reporter who joins forces with a police lieutenant Edith and the anthropologist Elisa with the aim of deciphering a series of murders that shocked the country.

‘Neighbors’ – Netflix

the new comedy Leandro Hassum and Maurício Manfrini arrived at Netflix on the first Friday of the month and there is already a review of it here.

‘Only for Love’ – Netflix

romance that brings Lucy Alves and Filipe Bragança like a couple in love who decide to start a band. The film arrives on the 21st on the platform.

‘Saint’ – Netflix

long awaited series with Bruno Gagliasso like a policeman who has to work together with Raúl Arevalo to arrest the world’s biggest drug dealer, whose face no one knows. Premieres on the 16th.

‘Cobra Kai’ – Netflix

Long-awaited 5th season arrives on the platform on the 9th, with terry changing the Cobra Kai system.

‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ – Netflix

The second season of the fantasy series premieres on the 16th bringing Bloom out of control over her own powers.

‘Blonde’ – Netflix

the beautiful Ana de Armas brings the iconic to life Marilyn Monroe in ‘blonde‘, which hits the platform on the 28th.

‘Justice’ – Netflix

Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke are together in this action movie of two friends who make a pact to get revenge on their enemies.

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