CONTROVERSY!  Documentary about Armie Hammer and accusations of cannibalism premieres on streaming in Brazil

The documentary miniseries’House of Hammer‘, about the troubled family history of Armie Hammerpremiered on streaming in Brazil.

Episodes were made available on Discovery+which can be accessed through Amazon Prime Video and offers 7 days free for new subscribers.

In recent years, the actor Armie Hammer ceased to be known for his films and became the protagonist of controversies since he was accused of sexual abuse and cannibalism.

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Review | House of Hammer exposes Armie Hammer’s drug, rape, corruption and cannibalism history

Cast in several prominent Hollywood films, such as ‘Call Me By Your Name’, ‘The UNCLE Man’ and ‘The Lone Ranger’‘, the former star was even replaced by future works to which he was linked.

House of Hammer: Family Secrets‘ brings to light secrets, controversies and crimes of father figures in the family Hammer through testimonies of victims and their own family members, who grew up in the midst of non-traditional customs.

At the time when one of the victims of armie decided to expose that she was held captive by the actor, Vanity Fair also discovered that her great-great-grandfather, Julius Hammerwas sentenced to between three and twelve years in prison for performing an illegal abortion that caused the death of a woman in 1919.

When delving deeper into the family, the magazine also points out that his great-grandfather, Armand, became a multi-millionaire criminally.

In the 1950s, he invested in his oil company with the help of his 3rd wife… The problem is that the company called Occidental Petroleum was also used for money laundering.

Furthermore, he was accused of using artwork to fund Russian spying and unauthorized scientific research on human subjects.

Casey Hammerthe actor’s aunt and one of the participants in the documentary, has also published a book called ‘Surviving My Birthright‘ in which he details the criminal and abuse-ridden history he witnessed while living with his father and brothers.

As early as 2021, a young woman identified only as Effie told Variety that she had a relationship with armie for a few years, but was raped by him in 2017, as well as being held in false imprisonment for more than four hours.

Because of this, Hammer lost contracts with agencies and production companies, and was also forced to abandon future projects that were already in development.

When other women exposed the actor, screenshots of his conversations began to circulate online, including dialogue in which he expressed having violent sexual fantasies and admitting he was a cannibal.

In one of the messages, he said:

“I am 100% cannibal. I want to eat you.”

Courtney Vucekovichanother victim of the actor, told the Daily Mail that armie told her that he would like to barbecue with his meat, and the leaked conversations showed dialogues such as: “What if I wanted to cut off your finger so I could always have a piece of you with me?”

At the end of last year, Hammer was admitted to a clinic to treat drug addiction, alcohol and sexual disorders, and continues to be the subject of investigations.

After the controversies, he was already replaced by titles such as ‘Shotgun Wedding’, ‘Next Goal Wins’, ‘The Billion Dollar Spy’ and the series ‘The Offer‘, which will explore the backstage of ‘The Godfather‘.

According to TMZ, he now works as a real estate agent in the Cayman Islands.

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