Imagem de: Hackers de CS:GO aplicam golpe e roubam US$ 6 milhões em skins

As in many similar games, Counter Strike: Global Offensive offers players the possibility to customize their equipment with the use of skins. The popularity is such that there are even websites specializing in the sale of these cosmetic items — and one of them just got a $6 million loss thanks to a hacker attack.

The situation happened a few days ago, last Saturday (13), when the CS.Money website has been hacked and had hundreds of CS:GO cosmetic items stolen. In a post on Twitter, those responsible for the site announced the incident and said they were working on a fix.

According to Timofey Sobolevky, director of public relations for the portal, the hackers would have gained access to the site after stealing the authentication files necessary to obtain authorization to access Steam. This made it possible to creation of offers and irregular submissions of skins from CS:GO.

Sobolevky explained that initially the hackers only sent the skins to themselves, but then they started mix transactions with offers sent to regular users, bloggers and traders. “We believe they did this to hide your traildivert our attention and drag innocent people into this skin-stealing scheme,” he said.

During the cyber attack, approx. 1000 exchanges were made between about 100 accounts different on Steam. Since then, CS.Money has been offline and the responsible team has been working on ways to ensure the security of the most critical data and resume activities.

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