Imagem de: Cult of the Lamb bate a casa de 1 milhão de cópias vendidas

Cult of the Lamb was another one of those games that arrived without making a big fuss on the net, but won a captive place in the hearts of many players. A proof of this is that the title has already reached the mark of 1 million copies sold globally.

The brand was announced by Devolver Digital, the game’s distributor, and by Massive Monster, the game’s producer. Interestingly, it was achieved just a week after its release (last Thursday the 18th) – something arguably not achieved by many indie titles.

“We’re honestly still processing everything that happened. It all started with small ideas; can we combine these two genres we love so much? Can we make it terrifyingly dark but cute at the same time? As a small team working on this game for years, we’re happy to hear that you guys are really enjoying it all,” the team said in a post published on Steam.

It is worth remembering that the game recently gained prominence in the media due to an allegation involving a Sony action to prevent Cult of the Lamb from being on Game Pass. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

And you, have you played Cult of the Lamb? If so, share your opinion about it on our social networks, and you can also learn more about the game by reading the analysis made by the team at Voxel.

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