Curiosities |  'The Mist', Stephen King's praised adaptation, turns 15 in 2022!

Stephen King is not considered the Master of Evil for any reason – and countless of his works have been adapted for both film and television. And, certainly, one of the best re-readings of his gigantic literary catalog is ‘The fog’.

The production, launched in 2007, follows David Drayton (Thomas Jane) and their eight-year-old son Billy (Nathan Gamble), who, after a violent storm devastates the city they live in, run towards the supermarket, fearing that supplies will run out. But a strange fog takes over the city, which causes David, Billy and others to be trapped in the supermarket. Soon David discovers that there is something supernatural involved and that, if they leave the place, it could be fatal.

Also counting on a cast formed by Marcia Gay Hayden, Andre Braugher, Sam Witwer, Toby Jones, Frances Sternhagen and others, the film was a considerable box office success, grossing over $57 million worldwide, and had positive reviews at the time of its release.

In 2022, the feature film directed by Frank Darabont complete 15 years – and nothing better than a special article to celebrate your birthday.

With that in mind, the CinePOP prepared a short list bringing some backstage triviawhich you can see below:

  • King said he was genuinely scared by this adaptation of his novel. Darabont described this as the happiest moment of his career.
  • During an action scene in the movie, a man comes across a revolving book shelf in the supermarket. If you look closely, you can clearly see that all the books on the shelf are written by King.

  • This was the third film that Darabont adapted from King’s works. The other two are ‘A dream of freedom’ (1994) and Waiting for a miracle’ (1999).
  • Darabont agreed to make the film with Dimension Films only on the condition that no matter what, they wouldn’t change the script’s ending. They agree.
  • King came up with the idea to write the original novel when he was at a market in Maine. When he realized that the front window was made of laminated glass, he wondered what would happen if giant insects flew towards it.

  • Darabont wanted Jane to play Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead’ (2010) after working together on ‘The fog’.
  • Thomas Jane was a constant (and welcome) presence in the editing room in an effort to learn the craft as he headed towards his own directorial debut, Dark Country’.

  • Although the story is set in Maine, like most of King’s stories, the film was shot entirely in Louisiana and Texas. To Darabont’s delight, King couldn’t make out the Maine setting when watching the film.
  • Darabont originally wanted the film to be shown in black and white. The 2-disc DVD/Blu-ray release contains the director’s black and white version on the second disc.
  • The earthquake scene included a surprise in the form of a recording that the production played through large speakers, without notifying the cast in advance. Everyone got scared and the reaction was maintained for the final cut.

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