Dan Lin REFUSES invitation to be the head of DC;  Warner is looking for a new Kevin Feige

David Zaslavpresident of Warner Bros.already said that he wants to copy the successful model of disney in adapting the comics Marvel to transform the movies DC Comics in a franchise as powerful as the ownership of disney.

The studio already has the biggest icons of comics, so it lacks someone to lead the team as well as Kevin Feige does at Marvel. However, to the sadness of Zaslavthe producer Dan Lin declined the invitation to be this new boss that will give a new direction symbols like Batman and Super man.

Remembering that Dan Lin helped Warner establish a Lego animated franchise, failed to reach an agreement with the company to run the DC Comics and come up with a long-term plan for the sake of logistics.

line is founder and president of Ridebackproducer responsible for films like ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ (2009), ‘It – A Coisa’ (2017) and ‘Aladdin‘ (2019).

However, the production company is independent and can ally itself with any studio to distribute its projects. The group currently has a priority agreement with Universal.

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To be able to count on Dan Lin in its film division, Warner Bros. would either need to incorporate Rideback into its conglomerate or shell out a hefty sum to get the founder out of the company. That’s when negotiations got stuck, according to Deadline.

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