Imagem de: Servidores de Dark Souls III voltam ao ar depois de 7 meses offline

Earlier this year, in February, Dark Souls III servers have been taken off the air indefinitely because of a digital attack capable of rendering affected computers unusable.

At that time, a breach was discovered that allowed the Remote Code Execution or RCE (Remote Code Execution), a type of attack that allows the user’s computer to be accessed and controlled remotely by hackers. Now, after seven months offline, the servers are finally back online.

The announcement of the return of the servers came directly from the Japanese studio FromSoftware’s Twitter account. “We have completed the investigation and countermeasures of security vulnerabilities in the PC version of Dark Souls III, so we have restarted the game server and restarted online services,” the company said.

The producer also stated in the publication that it is working on security fixes for the PC versions of Dark Souls II and Dark Souls Remastered. “We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.”

When the servers were taken down, at first only Dark Souls III was affected. However, it was soon discovered that the vulnerability could affect other securities and previous games in the series were also offline.

With the return of multiplayer activities from the third Dark Souls, there is perhaps hope that the servers of the other titles are also offline ASAP.

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