'Days Gone': Game Director Says It's "RIDICULUM" Sam Witwer Not Starring in the Movie

Jeff Rossdirector of ‘Days Gone‘, he was quite irritated by the absence of Sam Witwer in the film adaptation of the game. That’s because the original interpreter of Deacon St. John, in the game, will eventually be replaced by Sam Heughanfrom the ‘Outlander’ series.

In addition to participating in various games and animations, Sam Witwer has appeared in major TV series such as ‘smallville‘, ‘supergirl‘ and ‘riverdale‘. See the tweet from Ross:

“Absolutely ridiculous that they’re not casting Sam Witwer. He’s got the physicality, the right look, and he can act f**king,” he said. Ross.

Days Gone‘ follows the adventures of one man in a world devastated by a virus, which has turned much of the population into monstrous creatures. He sets out on a journey in search of his wife, whom he thought was dead.

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Remembering that the game is available for PlayStation 4, 5 and PC.

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