Imagem de: Dead by Daylight: nova parceria com Resident Evil ganha data de lançamento

The 25th chapter of dead by daylightwhich marks your new partnership with resident Evilalready has a date to arrive.

Fans of the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game will be able to play like Wesker and company from the 30th of August this year, when the chapter Project W is finally released. The release date was confirmed by the producer on Twitter.

The collaboration between Behavior Interactive and Capcom games marks the arrival of Albert Wesker as the New AssassinWhile Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers join the cast of survivors.

Using the power of Uroboros infection on his arm, Wesker can hurl his victims great distances. In addition, the villain is also quite fast, making life — and survival — for other players much more difficult.

With multiplayer matches of up to five players, in Dead by Daylight one player takes on the role of Assassin, who must sacrifice as many characters as possible. Meanwhile, the other four play as Survivors tasked with not only avoiding the killer and helping their teammates, but also escape with life in case you end up crossing your path.

Dead by Daylight has versions for PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store and Windows Store), PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

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