Imagem de: Dead by Daylight: veja imagens e vídeos do Albert Wesker jogável

Dead by Daylight is getting a very interesting crossover with the Resident Evil franchise, and during this phase called Project W, none other than the iconic villain Albert Wesker was made available as a playable character, and his first images and videos are already circulating on Internet. Check it out below!

Naturally, Wesker plays the role of Assassin, and right now he can be used on the test server with all his skills and super stylish looks! See the violence with which he ends up with poor Rebecca:

As fans have certainly noticed, this version of Wesker takes advantage of his powers from the Uroboros infection, even managing to throw away the lowly mortals:

On a more comical note, the @ImKatastrophe profile also noted that the character design ended up favoring Wesker’s “rear”, which has the potential to yield many memes yet:

The final version of Project W still doesn’t have an exact release date, but it should arrive very soon, with survivors Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong also as playable characters, in addition to receiving a review on the Racoon City Police Department map, which will be split in two!

So do like Wesker in the video above and end up with your victims making waves with your sunglasses, which certainly makes the matches even more fun!

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