'Dead Island 2': Zombies, deaths and lots of VIOLENCE in the game trailer;  Check out!

The long-awaited sequel to the game’dead island 2‘ won the first trailer, which promises lots of zombies, deaths and violence.

Check out:

The game will be officially released on February 3, 2023but can now be pre-ordered.

“Several months after the events in Banoi, the US military placed the entire country under quarantine. Now a restricted area, California has become a bloody haven for those who refuse to let go of their heads and a bloody adventure for renegades seeking glory and a fresh start.”

Enjoy watching:

The game will combine immersive combat, action and role-playing elements, with never-before-seen weapons and iconic characters.

The sequel was originally announced in 2014, but its development went through a number of behind-the-scenes issues. the studio Yager Development had been hired to develop the game, but was removed from the project in 2015, being replaced by Digital Juice the following year – which, in turn, was replaced by the dambusterin 2019.

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