Demonic possession in the SINISTER images of the horror 'The Devil's Light';  Check out!

The horror ‘The Devil’s Light‘ (The Devil’s Light) got sinister new images.

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The terror will be released in national cinemas by Paris Films at the October 27th.

Pursued by a demon trying to reach her, Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers) has been fighting these evil forces since his childhood when evil entered his mother. Hearing voices, the mother hurt her daughter and these marks changed her whole story.

As an adult, the young nun works in a religious hospital where there are also exorcism classes offered only to priests. When she feels the evil approaching again, she gets a special authorization to study about the Sacred ritual. What Ann didn’t imagine, is that the demon that wanted her will bring her darkest and most traumatic past back.

The film was written by Robert Zappia (‘Halloween H20: 20 Years Later‘).

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