Depeche Mode remnants post photo working in the studio

The remnants of Depeche Mode posted a photo where they are seen working in the studio, showing that the once quartet will continue on as a duo.

The photo appeared on the band’s Instagram shortly after two months of the unexpected death of keyboardist and original member Andrew Fletcher. Fletch, the third pictured below, underwent a dissection of his aorta last May 26, and died suddenly. The musician was 60 years old.

The DM appeared in 1980. Keyboardist Vince Clarke, responsible for composing almost all the songs, left them in 1981. Alan Wilder took his place until 1995 and was not replaced. “Spirit”, the 14th album by the electronic pop giants, came out in 2017.

“Finding stability in what we know and love, and focusing on what gives meaning and purpose to life,” reads the caption of the photo where we see keyboardist and main songwriter Martin Gore and vocalist Dave Gahan.

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