Imagem de: Destiny 2: vazamento confirma colaboração com Fortnite

Looks like destiny 2 will actually launch a collaboration with Fortnite coming soon. The information was leaked thanks to a dataminer, who found evidence that a partnership between the two games is on the way.

Rumors already indicated that Bungie’s looter shooter could be released on the Epic Games Store, something that now seems a much more likely hypothesis thanks to the image found by Ginsor, a prominent Destiny dataminer. Digging through the archives, he found what appears to be a promotional piece showing MMO classes dressed up as some of the most popular characters in Epic’s battle royale.

Ginsor shared his discovery with the community, showing what appears to be official art with the classes. Titan, Warlock and Hunter dressed as Black Knight, Timeless and Omega, three of Fortnite’s most iconic skins. You can check the image below:

THE partnership with destiny 2 arrives reinforcing Epic Games’ strategy of bringing together the maximum number of characters, series and scenarios owned by other companies, in collaborations that strengthen and popularize the most different franchises. Only this season, for example, can players unlock Darth Vader and Indiana Jones in the Battle Pass. Also, right now there’s a event of Dragon Ball Super entitled to themed tasks, free cosmetic items and even the viewing of anime episodes within the game.

It is not yet known what the extent of collaboration between the two games will be, let alone which elements of Destiny 2 can reach Fortnite. It is possible that new information will be released in the coming weeks or, with luck, in the next few days. After all, it’s a week of GamesComso it is to be expected that a lot of news will be revealed at the event.

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