Discover Avengers Campus, the all-new, IMMERSIVE Avengers adventure at Disney Parks

For over 10 years the Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned the impossible into reality, through series and films that translate some of the most amazing adventures from comics to the screen. And seeking to expand this experience in an even more immersive way, Disney announced its newest and most awaited attraction, which will soon be known by lovers of the company’s parks.

During the D23 Expoone of the most important events of the POP culture focused exclusively on the franchises of disneythe creative executive directors Brent Strong and Michael Serna revealed details of Avengers Campus, a themed land that allows guests to fulfill their dream of living insane adventures alongside the Avengers team.

For Strongthe new campus will be the place of the impossible, where everyone can feel super-powered with the help of a touch of magic:

“This is the place for anyone who has always wanted to be a superhero. Avengers Campus is a place where the Avengers not only showcase their skills, but invite everyone to join them to inspire and empower new generations of heroes.”

Aimed at all ages and stature, the park is the Narnia of Marvel fans and brings together impressive attractions that will sharpen the senses of visitors. And at the invitation of Walt Disney CompanyO CinePOP got to know first hand the upcoming adventures that will soon be inaugurated.

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One of them is the Web Slingers: A Spiderman Adventure. This is a brand new attraction where visitors of all ages will be able to spin webs, just like Spider-Man. Here you can still participate in a mission and save the Avengers Campus, alongside the Friend of the Neighborhood.

According to Serna, “the attraction is a combination of classic and elaborate storytelling, well-constructed sets and innovative technology, built specifically to allow our guests to have fun spinning webs – in a very realistic way.”

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

A ride that is pure adrenaline in the Marvel universe, this attraction gives guests the chance to team up with Rocket on a mission to rescue the Guardians of the Galaxy from within the Collector’s stronghold. This one is for those looking for a mind-blowing adventure.

The Avengers Campus will also allow moviegoers and comic book lovers to meet their favorite heroes. In between rides, the Disney park even offers the Ancient Sanctum, where guests will explore the ruins of a mysterious shrine as they learn the secrets of Doctor Strange.

In this land of infinite possibilities, fans will be able to live different experiences, which strictly follow the concept and narrative of the original franchise, as Michael Serna pondered.

“We are not creating an earth that only exists in a specific time period and that is temporal, it is not a time capsule. Our world is fresh, alive, constantly evolving, always changing and always growing in exciting ways!”

Avengers, forward!

Disney Parks will even offer a tour of Avengers Headquarters, where you can find some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes joining forces to take action and defend their command center.

And for those looking for more synesthetic dining experiences, Ant-Man and Wasp invite visitors to Pym Test Kitchen, located at Disney California Adventure Park. The restaurant challenges our understanding with colossal meals unlike anything ever brought into the parks restaurants.

In addition, both Spider-Man, as well as the rest of the Avengers, won exclusive costumes, made in partnership with the creative team at Marvel Studios – especially for Disney Parks.

Michael Serna explained this strategy of expanding the look of beloved comic book characters in order to provide an even more unique experience for fans.

“If you’ve watched the Spider-Man movies, you know he’s had a lot of different costumes over the years. So of course we also created our Spidey Suit, developed exclusively for our attraction. So, working with our studio partners, we were able to create all these amazing costumes that will only be seen at our Disney parks.”

Serna even celebrated the level of realism of the Avengers’ campus attractions, stating that an old fan dream will be realized through a lot of technology and technical skills.

“In addition, we created the Spiderman Flying, using our amazing development team and our extraordinary writers. We wanted to build a world that you never imagined could exist, which is to see Spider-Man flying over us, as we always see on the big screen.”

constant evolution

One of the most important aspects of the new Marvel attraction is exactly its direct connection to all the movies and series released by Disney. Visitors to the parks can celebrate because the universe of small screens and big screens will constantly migrate in new tours as pondered Serna.

“You know the Marvel Universe continues to expand and we ask ourselves: How can we keep Avengers Campus relevant without becoming stagnant? This is made possible by our partnership with our amazing studio colleagues, which keeps us always on top of what’s happening in this universe. Ahead of the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, we have an attraction where visitors will also be able to try to lift Mjolnir, as Jane Foster did. But what I really love about Avengers Campus stories is our ability to stay relevant, reaching out to fans, giving them the opportunity to see themselves in a way that previously didn’t seem possible.

The success of millions

It is no surprise that the attractions of disney attract a plethora of visitors, but the numbers are even more staggering. According to executive creative director Michael Serna, more than 145 million people pass through the parks. That’s the equivalent of two thousand world cups a year – coming directly into the units.

“We are also the 5th largest hotel chain in the world, comprising 53 Disney hotels and Disney Vacation properties. We also conduct an award-winning cruise and have five ships, with new units coming in the future. The most recent was released a few months ago on Disney Wish,” concluded Serna.

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