Imagem de: Disney anuncia Lorcana, seu cardgame para competir com MTG e Pokémon TCG

Disney announced a new partnership with Ravensburger to launch disney Lorcana, your new cardgame themed after the classic and iconic characters of the house.

With a lot of experience in the subject, Ravensburger has 139 years in the game publishing market, and should use all its knowledge in the launch on new house card game Mickey and Donald. The company is also well known for the Disney Villainous board strategy game, released in 2018 with Disney, Marvel and Star Wars series villains.

The idea behind Disney Lorcana is to take players to a place called The Great Illuminary (something like The Great Illuminary, in free translation), where all of Disney’s great properties are kept, such as its main stories, songs and characters. There, it is up to the player, in the role of a powerful sorcerer, take all this treasure off the paper and start a great adventure.

In Lorcana, players control a powerful sorcerer who brings Disney characters to life in a new adventureSource: Disney/Disclosure

The card game must have a visual footprint along the lines of a “modern storybook”, at least according to Cassidy Werner, head of Disney’s North American games division, in conversation with Polygon. Shane Hartley, global creative director of games at Disney, also said that the game was inspired by classic house movie openingsin storybook format with “visible contour lines and vibrant colors”.

Filip Francke, CEO of Ravensburger in North America, said he knows that launching a trading card games is like invite players to join a journey that will last for years. “We take this seriously,” said the CEO, reinforcing the understanding that Disney trusted his company, both strategically and commercially, with the mission to build a successful new series.”

Francke also commented a little on what to expect from Lorcana gameplay, saying it strays a bit from the competitive tone of Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon TCG. According to him, the idea is provide a fun experience alongside characters that everyone loves so much.

The first Disney Lorcana card sets are scheduled for release in the second half of 2023.

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