Disney Celebrates 80 Years of Zé Carioca!

It was on the 24th of August that a very nice Brazilian boy became part of the magical world of Walt Disney. we are talking about dear Zé Cariocathe parrot from Rio de Janeiro that, from the year 1942, became part of the team of animated characters of the charismatic supporting cast in the adventures of Mickey, Donald and company. And, in an event full of nostalgia and excitement, the Disney Brazil celebrated the 80th birthday of this beloved character last night, August 23, in a beautiful event at the Emiliano hotel, on the iconic Avenida Atlântica, in Copacabana, which was the scene of the parrot’s main adventure.

created by himself Walt Disney in 1941, Zé Carioca was first presented to the public the following year, in 1942, in the film ‘hello friends‘, which was shown in movie theaters across the country. The character was the result of inspiration from the creator of Mickey Mouse during a trip that the comic artist made to the country in the 1940s, when he and his entourage came to Brazil to literally observe our culture and be inspired here. The result was not only the creation of the dancing parrot, but also the definitive insertion of Brazilian popular music and many instruments played here in the production company’s animations, which, from then on, began to use melodies with a more bossa-nova swing. , more than samba in many of the drawings produced by them.

The initiative to create the Zé Cariocahowever, started from a movement motivated by political interests: the arrival of the delegation of Walt Disney to the country was a strategy of the governments of the United States It’s from Brazil to seek to strengthen ties between the two countries during the American Cold War, and the production of the feature ‘hello friends‘ was one of the tools of what we know as the “good neighbor policy”, that is, an action calculated to praise Brazil and its culture, aiming, if the war escalated, a military collaboration to the Nordic territory. A strategic camaraderie.

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Despite the controversial origin – which to this day divides opinions – Zé Carioca reached his 80s, maintaining the charisma that has enchanted the public over the decades. After receiving the Donald Duck here in his first film and taking a ride with his friend through Latin America, presenting several relevant points of the cultures (some of them, it is true, in a stereotyped way), the dancing parrot reappeared in two other productions of the disney: the movies ‘Have you ever been to Bahia?‘, from 1944, and ‘Melody time‘, from 1948.

Of course, in practice, the Zé Carioca is a character made and created by Walt Disney, an American citizen, and that means a foreign look at the Brazilian and the Carioca, which contributed to some caricatured actions of the character not only in the three animated features, but also in the comics, which is where he was most successful among the public. However, one must have a generous look at the parrot, which, despite its regrets, like every 80-year-old man, had a somewhat controversial creation, but, in his own way, helped to spread Brazilian music and landscapes in a world pre-internet and pre-globalization.

So, with his impeccable coat and his Panama hat on his head, Zé Carioca reaches 80 years old in top form, winning back the public as a beloved grandpa, full of swing, with energy for many new adventures and launching his own commemorative collection in partnership with Água de Coco, which reaches the public in November. The party in Rio de Janeiro also featured the release of an exclusive song by Xandy de Pilarsextolling the carioquice of the parrot and the beauties of the Braziland will be available to the public on September 9th on all audio platforms.

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