Disney D23 takes place September 9-11 and will feature upcoming Marvel and 'Star Wars' films;  Check out the poster!

THE disney released the official poster of the next edition of the event D23highlighting several films, characters and franchises loved by the public.

With news scheduled between 09 and September 11ththe event hasn’t confirmed which attractions will be getting updates, but fans are hoping to get glimpses of the saga’s newest productions. ‘Star Wars‘ and the Cinematic Universe of Marvel.

The poster features a classic version of Mickey Mouse in front of the iconic castle of disneywhich is populated and surrounded by a bevy of references to the company’s extensive catalogue.

References include ships from ‘Star Wars’such as Boba Fett’s Firespray, Din Djarin’s modified N-1 Starfighter and an X-Wing, as well as Grogu floating above one of the turrets.

There are also tributes to Marvelfeaturing Captain America’s shield in the upper left corner, Spider-Man hanging from a portcullis, and a Nova Corporation starship, among several other elements.

Enjoy watching:

Winnie the Pooh is also shown floating in the comfort of his red balloon, while Mulan and Elsa are in the tower on the right, which also balances the ball that has become synonymous with Pixar.

Although the poster contains a wide variety of intellectual properties, it is worth remembering that the event will not have news related to each character inserted in the art.

Check and try to recognize each reference presented in the image:

Don’t forget to watch:

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