Doja Cat criticizes comments about her mental health after shaving her head

Doja Cat complained about fans’ concern about her mental health, after shaving her head and eyebrows during a live last Friday (5). After the radical change in the look, the artist returned to the internet and was a little irritated by the comments.

“I’m rich, I’m fine. Just all this ‘are you okay queen?’ is what makes me want to rip my… I think the hairs that are left are my pubes “, she commented in a new live with the fans.

Earlier, the singer spoke about self-acceptance and stated: “If I have to say any encouragement for anything, it would be that I want my fans not to be afraid to do whatever they want to do, you know?”

In another video, Doja Cat also commented on these concerns for her well-being. “Everyone keeps saying ‘You’re high’, ‘You’re crazy’, ‘What did she do to herself?’ and ‘You need help’. That thing is so… it’s very heavy. It’s a heavy thing and kind of funny because I’ve always been the person who posted stupid things on the internet. For example, I wrote ‘Mooo!’. famous because of that, so it’s funny to me that people are shocked or surprised that I’m bald and without eyebrows.”

During the live in which she shaved her head, Doja Cat said that she did not like having hair or wearing wigs. “What’s the use of having hair if you’re not going to wear it? I don’t even wear it, so I’m shaving it off. It doesn’t make sense. I’ve never felt so amazing….happy,” she said.

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