'Double Journey': Fans are DIVIDED over new Netflix movie with Jamie Foxx;  Check out!

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the director JJ Perry commented on his experience at the helm of his first feature film with horror ‘Double Journey‘ (Day Shift), revealing that he would love to return for a possible sequel to the film.

“I just want to keep directing films, whether as a first or second unit director. I would love to direct one more movie. I feel like I learned what not to do after directing my first film, which should make me infinitely better at the helm of a new feature film.”

He adds, “I am very grateful for all these opportunities. So whatever happens next, I waited ready.”

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In addition to starring Foxx produces the long.

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Foxx plays a hardworking father who just wants to give his 8-year-old daughter a good life, but his mundane job as a pool cleaner is a slur on his real job: hunting and killing vampires for an international organization.

The cast still has Scott Adkins (‘Doctor Strange’), Dave Franco (‘The Rental’), Meagan Good (‘Saw 5’), Karla Souza (‘How to Get Away with Murder’), Eric Lange (‘Lost’), Snoop Dogg (‘Bones: The Angel of Darkness’) and Zion Broadnax.

JJ Perry is responsible for the direction.

The script, which was revised by Shay Hatten (‘John Wick 3’), is signed Tyler Tice.

Chad Stahelski, Jason Spitz Shaun Redick and Yvette Yates Redick also enter as producers.

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