'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero' Defeats 'The Beast' and DOMINATES US Box Office

the anime of crunchyroll continue to amaze at the North American box office! ‘Dragon Ball Super: Superhero‘ debuted at number one in the country, with solid $20.1 million collected during the first weekend.

The result represents almost double the debut of ‘The beast‘, a survival thriller starring the star Idris Elbawhich ranked 2nd with $11.5 million.

According to Deadline, the crunchyroll follows a marketing strategy completely different from traditional productions – which focus their campaigns on television advertisements. The site claims that marketing power comes from social media ads.

According to the data, 39% of the audience watched the trailer on Youtube, while 22% watched the trailer on Instagram.

In Brazil, ‘Dragon Ball Super‘ won the first position in the ranking of the most watched films in the country. The film was released in 950 rooms nationwidebeating the record for the BIGGEST opening circuit in the country’s history.

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The Red Ribbon army had been destroyed by Son Goku… But certain individuals decided to carry out their mission and created the ultimate androids: Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. These two androids – who call themselves “superheroes” – decide to attack Piccolo and Gohan! What will be the purpose of the New Red Ribbon Army? When danger is imminent, that’s when the Super Hero awakens!

Tetsuro Kodama is in the direction, Chikashi Kubota is the animation director and Jae Hoon Jung is in the direction of CG. Naoki Sato is in the musical composition and Nobuhito Sue is in the art direction.

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