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Dungeons and Dragons is the biggest RPG game in the world. In it, each individual creates a character to represent him: a mage, a fighter, a warrior or even a commoner.

When D&D appeared in the first season of Stranger Things, many young people had their first contact with him. The game of 10 in 10 geeks – or nerds – of the 1980s gained new strength, and became a fever.

But have you ever wondered how to play Dungeons and Dragons? Despite the complicated name, rest assured that it is relatively simple to play. Check out!

First of all: what is an RPG?

RPG is the acronym for the English expression “Role Playing Game”. It defines a game modality in which each participant creates and interprets their own character, inventing narratives and developing a story from a guided plot.

The “matches” are conducted by a “master”, a kind of screenwriter who creates the plot in real time. However, it is the choices of each member of the game that will determine the direction of the game.

Unlike other games, the RPG is based on collaboration and sociabilitywith a less competitive character. There is unlikely to be a winner, which makes titles in the genre unlike any other known game.

What does it take to play D&D?

(Source: Wizards/Reproduction)(Source: Wizards/Reproduction)Source: Wizards

Before venturing into D&D, you need to know that there are no rules regarding the number of members. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can make a mess.

In a game with many people, the Dungeon Master – which in D&D is called the Dungeon Master, or DM – will hardly be able to create an interesting dynamic.

For this reason, it is common for Dungeons and Dragons games to involve four to six players, in addition to the DM. In addition, you will need:

  • A copy of the rulebook (for player and DM);
  • A polyhedral dataset;
  • A D&D character sheet;
  • A pencil.

How to play Dungeons and Dragons

(Source: Wizards/Reproduction)(Source: Wizards/Reproduction)Source: Wizards

With the books in hand, it’s time to play Dungeons and Dragons. Check out the step by step we brought you to follow:

1. Set the Dungeon Master

It is necessary to define who will be the Dungeon Master, in charge of creating the universe, with its details and challenges.

2. Create your D&D character

Define what race your character will have. They can vary from book to book, but they are usually: human, dwarf, elf, halfling – a kind of hobbit -, half-elf, half-orc and gnome. Their abilities and characteristics vary depending on the choice made.

It is also necessary to choose your class, that is, what does your character do, what is he good at or what is his profession. This also affects your role in the player pool. The most common are fighter, thief and wizard.

Finally, opt for a moral alignment of your character, which will affect the way you react to situations and make decisions.

(Source: Wizards/Reproduction)(Source: Wizards/Reproduction)Source: Wizards

3. The DM must start the story

It is the role of the D&D DM to bring a story full of adventure and challenges to life. In the Dungeon Master’s Guide, you can learn everything you need to guide the game. The Monster Manual helps activate creativity.

4. Understand the role of data

The polyhedral dice have the function of determining whether the action to be taken in the game will go well, badly and what impacts may result from the movement. The player or GM will play it when players are faced with something challenging.

The more difficult a move is, the type of die used changes – even though the d20 is the most common in D&D.

These are the basic steps to venture into the Stranger Things game and feel part of the series. Much of the mechanics of the game is learned by playing!

Feel like playing a game of D&D? So, share this text with friends and form a group of players. If you have any doubts, please check our information again. Enjoy, soon there’s a Dungeons and Dragons movie out there!

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