Imagem de: Mod de Elden Ring transforma o maculado no Sauron de Senhor dos Anéis

Elden Ring is one of the games that most attracted the creation of mods in recent years, so there are many options that players have to replace their playable character with anything else imaginable. And one of the most recent to be successful is none other than Sauron, the great villain of Lord of the Rings.

The mod in question is being made by MaxTheMiracle, and is unfortunately only available to their Patreon contributors. The product, however, is not yet finished. The modder decided to anticipate his availability a little to enjoy the premiere of The Rings of Power series on Amazon Prime, so he borrowed some animations from other mods. The idea is to keep working until you have a completely original final version.

Every crossover between Lord of the Rings and Elden Ring is automatically interesting. The creation of the game’s lore, famously, had the collaboration of George RR Martin, a writer who never hid the strong influence that the iconic works of JRR Tolkien had on his works. Elden Ring takes “ring” even in the name, inclusive.

No wonder, then, that Sauron seems “at home” in the game. The visuals of the armor, its equipment and its spells do not deviate from the aesthetics of From Software’s most recent success. It just gets a little weird to see the absolute villain of Lord of the Rings go to such lengths to defeat his opponents—but he wouldn’t be a soulslike if it weren’t for that.

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