Emily Watson faces the consequences of a lie in the trailer for the thriller 'God's Creatures';  Check out!

THE A24 recently released the official trailer for ‘God’s Creatures’a new thriller starring Emily Watson and Paul Mescal.

The film is scheduled to premiere on September 30th in international cinemas, still no day confirmed in Brazil.

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The feature film is directed by Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer. Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly and Shane Crowley sign the script.

In a windswept fishing village, a mother is torn between protecting her beloved son and her own sense of right and wrong. A lie she tells him tears her family and her close-knit community apart in this tense and extremely emotional epic.

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Aisling Franciosi, Declan Conlon, Marion O’Dwyer, Toni O’Rourke, Brendan McCormack, Isabelle Connolly and others complete the cast.

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