Exclusive |  Discover the Immersive 'Stranger Things' Store in Paris

Have you ever imagined yourself in Joyce’s living room (Winona Ryder), Will (Noah Schnapp) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton)? Or imprisoned in the inverted world and face to face with demogorgon? With an immersive experience, the multinational entertainment company fever created the concept of the show’s temporary pop-up stores Stranger Things in partnership with the Netflix. The purpose is to create unforgettable moments combined with products licensed in partnership with several brands.

The first Stranger Things concept stores were created in New York and Los Angeles, however, both have already closed activities. In August 2022, a month after the release of the last episodes of the fourth season, the company maintains three establishments in operation in the cities of Dallas and Chicago, in the United States, and in Paris, France. CinePOP had the opportunity to visit the latter temporarily installed at 44 Avenue Champ-Elysee, next to the huge Disney store and several other famous brands.

Attraction closed after technical issue (Credit: Creapills)

When it opened on June 24, the Parisian store was divided into three parts. After technical problems, the part where we could “ride through Hawkins” was closed, but you can find pictures on the web (see above). Expected to last until the end of August, the Paris store remains with a constant line at the door even after more than a month of opening. The tip is to book a time and face a queue of just 10-15 minutes, outside of weekends.

Right at the entrance, the theme song of the series starts to play and we are immersed in the bright red of the neon lights of the title. This is the first point to take a photo. Soon after, we enter the ambiance of the living room of Will’s house, with his drawings pasted all over the walls as in the second season. Right at the beginning is the most coveted photography spot: the sofa with the letters and the blinkers from the first season. The tip is to leave the photo to be taken at the end of the visit, as it is right next to the exit door.

Joyce’s Living Room (Credit: Letícia Alassë)

The second most recurring point of photography is the yellow phone, through which Joyce communicated with Will still “in 2016”. In fact, the device actually rings a few times, answer it and try to decipher it. There are dozens of shelves with the most varied products, including shirts, t-shirts, coats, shorts, caps, even customized alcohol gel, sweets from the 80s, replicas of demogorgons and POP dolls. Aside from the sweets, the souvenir more affordable are the keyrings around 12 euros.

Answer the yellow phone and try to understand the message (Credit/video capture: François Haouy)

In addition to the living room, the project reproduced the Russian laboratory and the weapon they use to open a passage to the invested world. Another replica environment is the shopping center Starcourt Mall and the ice cream shop where Steven (Joe Keery) and Robin (Maya Hawke) worked and, equally, the stage of the grand finale of the third season. There, you can find an exclusive MAC Strange Things makeup line and clothes for babies and children, with phrases like: “Feed me before I get angry” (Feed me before I get angry) and “Boyfriends lie all the time” (Boyfriends lie all the time).

Enjoy watching:

If you’ve seen this object, you’re next… (Credit: François Haouy)

The mall is located on the underground floor, where references to the fourth season are also found, such as the club Hell firethe uniforms of Hawkins High School and the deadly grandfather clock. This, by the way, is another point of photography. Before leaving, it is imperative to enter the Palace Arcade and attempt a match in one or all of the three available arcades: Pac Man (under maintenance), Space Invaders and Dig Dug.

Enter the Palace Arcade and play Dig Dug (Credit: François Haouy)

All these details are to give a taste of what may soon debut in Brazil. By the way, the company’s website fever presents since August 4, 2022, the new project Stranger Things: The Experience – Unlock your power (Stranger Things: The Experience – Unlock Your Power), in New York, much more dynamic than the pop-up store. In the list of possible cities is São Paulo. That is, if you want to live an experience of the 80s, this will be the opportunity. See the video below for all the details.

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