EXCLUSIVE: Watch a clip of 'Tromba Trem', animation with Caíto Mainier and Marisa Orth

CinePOP brings, with EXCLUSIVITYa clip of ‘Tromba Train – The Movie‘. Copa Studio animation, the same producer of ‘Jorel’s brother‘, hits Brazilian theaters on September 8.

Below you can see the preview:

Remembering that the plot follows the adventures of the elephant Gajah, who ends up losing his memory after an accident. He then becomes a celebrity overnight, but it’s not all bliss, as he also becomes the prime suspect in mysterious kidnappings.

Enjoy watching:

The voice cast has Caito Mainier (Culture shock), Marisa Orth, Ed Gama and Roberto Rodriguesbetween others.

Trunk Train‘ is based on the animation of the same name, originally shown on Cartoon Network and TV Brasil.

Don’t forget to watch:

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