Imagem de: Fã cria jogo de Better Call Saul no estilo Game Boy; confira

From time to time, the network receives information from works done by fans imagining how a certain game, whether it is completely new or already existing, would behave if it were released for a platform that is no longer active. Taking a ride on this idea, a fan imagined what a Better Call Saul game released for Game Boy would look like.

The video you see in this news is courtesy of a youtuber known as Lumpy, and it shows that if the title had really been released it would would behave like a platform game, including some small dialogue scenes between the stages and even a screen for character selection.

Check out the work in question below (just keep in mind that it brings some spoilers from the Pimento, Bagman and Black and Blue episodes featured in the Breaking Bad spin-off):

Interestingly, there are even some small excerpts reminiscent of the classic Punch-Out, with boxing duels against characters present in the series.

So, what did you think of the job? Do you think it stayed pretty faithful to what is presented in Better Call Saul? Share your opinion with other readers using the social networks of voxel.

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