Imagem de: Fã faz remake em 2D do primeiro Tomb Raider; veja o vídeo

This past Monday (29), a video posted on Twitter featured a 2D remake of the first tomb Raideroriginally released on the Sega Saturn, MS-DOS and PlayStation in 1996. The developer, identified as DelcaTRLE on Twitter, is remaking a version of the classic adventure of Lara Croft.

The young man, 23 years old, published a video demonstrating the initial phase of training, in the adventurer’s mansion – as it is 2D, the version shows the character moving only back and forth. Also, no other information about the remake was detailed.

Featuring classic game scenarios, it is possible to observe the character diving into her pool in another nostalgic moment. For now, there is no forecast for the release of a playable version of the 2D remake.

In April 2022, Crystal Dynamics announced that it is developing a new game in the franchise using the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine. So far, not many details have been released, but according to series director Dallas Dickinson, the next Tomb Raider will be a cinematic and realistic action adventure.

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