'Fantastic Four': 'You' star Pen Badgley turns Reed Richards into beautiful fan art

The search for the cast of the next film of the ‘Fantastic Four‘ remains an obsession with fans, who are promoting several artists as their favorites to join the team of heroes.

A few days ago, rumors began to circulate that Badgley Pen (‘You’) would be negotiating the role of Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic, but nothing has been confirmed.

Even so, the Boss Logic artists shared a beautiful fant art imagining the star dressed up in the team’s attire.

And the result was very interesting.

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Remembering that the marvel studios he chose Matt Shakman (‘WandaVision’) to helm the project, which marks the debut of Phase 6 of the MCU in November 2024.

And even without an announced cast, the president of Marvel, Kevin Feigesaid, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, what fans can expect from this new adventure of the ‘Fantastic Four‘.

“A lot of people already know this origin story. A lot of people know the basics. How do we take that and make something they’ve never seen before? We set a pretty high bar for ourselves in bringing this to the big screen,” he said. Feige.

This will be the fourth attempt to honor the team’s legacy, following the Roger Corman in 1994, the failed mini-franchise of Tim Story started in 2005, and the version of Josh Trank in 2015, which was massacred by the public and critics.

For now, there is no other information about the upcoming adaptation.

The last reboot of ‘Fantastic Four‘ was one of the biggest fiascos of critics and audiences in recent history, while the chaotic behind the scenes generated one of the most interesting stories in the film industry (especially when it was revealed that one of the actors almost came to blows with the director Josh Trank).

The remake of ‘Fantastic Four‘ cost $120 million and just collected it US$ 167 million worldwide.

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