'Fight for Freedom': Chinese espionage action epic opens in domestic theaters

The Chinese spy thriller, ‘Fight for freedom‘ (Cliff Walkers), directed by acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yimoupremiered this weekend in national cinemas by A2 Filmes.

The plot follows four Communist Party special agents who have returned to China after receiving special training in the Soviet Union. Together, they embark on a secret mission codenamed “Utrennya”. After being denounced by a traitor, the team finds itself surrounded by threats from all sides. Will the agents break the deadlock and manage to complete their mission? In the snowy fields of Manchukuo, the team will be tested to the limit.

Watch the trailer:

Fight for freedom‘ count with Zhang Yi (Kidnapping in the Red Sea), Yu Hewei (I am not Madame Bovary), Qin Hailu (The Pluto Moment) and Zhu Yawen (The captain) in the list.

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