'She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes' debuts on Disney+ with 94% RT approval!


If you haven’t watched the first episode of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroesavoid this article as it contains spoilers.

There’s no way to start this first impressions text without commenting on the first impression left by the series trailer. Released a few months ago, it came to the public with the feeling that it wasn’t finished. That’s because the protagonist’s look was frighteningly bad. Constructed via computer graphics based on the actress’s facial expressions Tatiana Maslanya She-Hulk he looked like a station doll. This made many fans angry, because it was way below the standard of Marvel and it was really bad to the point of disconnecting people from the plot.

So time passed and the initial repercussion, which was extremely negative, improved with the release of the final trailer, which showed an improvement in the protagonist’s CGI. But still, the public mistrust remained.

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Well, now that the series has officially debuted, you can see that there was a special work on the look of the Marvel duo. Both She-Hulk and the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) are closer to the pattern shown on the big screen, quite different from that aberration of the first trailer. However, from this first episode, it looks like the CGI rant is far from over. Despite the protagonist being more believable, other elements in the surroundings are far from the “MCU Standard” promise made when they announced the Marvel series in the Disney+.

Some computer-built scenarios are kind of fake, mainly because of the lighting chosen for the scenes, as well as the very movement of the series villain, titania, which was visually strange. However, nothing was as strange as the Sakaarian ship that promotes the origin of She-Hulk. It’s a CG well below what Marvel usually employs for its spaceships and it’s a bit of a “car commercial” moment.

But the truth is, the way this first episode is conducted is so fun that – with the exception of this ship scene and maybe a balance training scene – even those CGI glitches won’t be able to disconnect you from the plot unless you really be watching to look for those little bugs.

The story revolves around Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who has prepared her entire life for a career in the courts, but now needs to learn to balance her lawyer side with her superhero side, as she has become a “Hulk”. This premise of the young spinster taking a chance on the law has already yielded very fun films and everything indicates that, by adding the superhero factor to the plot, it will also work very well in streaming. That’s because the humor present in an environment as hostile as the courts is, in itself, a major breach of expectation. And when you insert a protagonist into this medium who cannot be stressed to live situations of pure stress, allowing her to communicate directly with the audience, the result is pure fun.

And who stands out completely in this first episode is the Tatiana Maslany. Despite her being the protagonist, when starring in a series alongside one of the icons of the most famous franchise today, there is a risk that you will be overshadowed. But that doesn’t happen at any time, largely because of Maslany’s charisma, who shows excellent timing for the comedy and embodies the dilemmas of a 30-year-old woman amidst the prejudice of two environments historically dominated by men: the courts. and the superheroes.

And by playing with both, she reasserts herself as a character who is likely to have a long life in the MCU. The jokes about the Marvel Cinematic Universe went down too well and helped to expand this mythology. As well as the fourth wall breaks, which bring a strong comic element to the story. If you keep using it well, with these accurate jokes, it has everything to work out.

And the final sequence of Jen revealing herself in court before the arrival of Titania already separates this “initial episode” look, showing that her origin should be restricted to this first chapter, allowing the next eight episodes to develop their new stories and bring new interactions with other heroes and villains, not limiting the character to his familiar plot with the Hulk, while defending his clients and getting down to the bad guys.

The new episodes of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes opens every Thursday at Disney+.

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