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Fortnite is, to this day, one of the most popular games, bringing together millions of players in online matches simultaneously every day. Attracting the public’s attention with great events, live shows and even partnerships with famous series and games like Dragon Ball Z and Pac-Man, players around the world are staring in front of the small screen to get a win and earn a lot of XP.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in mobile, console and PC shooters – both in third and first person – a little help is always welcome! Especially when it comes to gaining experience faster to unlock the Battle Pass.

Want to know how to earn a lot of XP in Fortnite? So, read on with us and find out!

Tips to earn a lot of XP in Fortnite

There are several ways to gain experience fast in Fortnite to level up and accumulate stars that can be used to unlock many rewards in the season pass.

Below, we list 12 useful tips for those looking to earn a lot of XP in the Epic Games game. Check out:

Complete weekly missions

Every week, more specifically on Thursdays, the game receives a new round of weekly tasks that can be completed in any order.

When completed, each task gives players a total of 15 thousand experience points with the possibility of earning an extra 43,000 XP by completing additional objectives as well.

Complete Season Tasks

In addition to the weekly quests, the game regularly receives a number of seasonal tasks that chronicle major events in the game’s recent history.

Currently, in Season 3 of Chapter 3, the islanders are enjoying a well-deserved summer vacation with many themed quests titled Na Vibe. Each mission earns players 7,000 XP when completed, making it possible to earn even more 36k XP per task line On Vibe finished.

Complete daily tasks

Anyone who wants to unlock all the items available in the Battle Pass right away, including the extra rewards, cannot ignore the daily quests.

While they only yield 1000 XP when completed, the good news is that they are literally infinite: complete one and another takes its place.

Completing 10 daily tasks earns the player 10k XP, finish 20 and get 20k XP and so on. In addition, every day you can earn a total of 45,000 extra XP by completing at least 3 daily tasks.

Play Creative mode

Tired of playing normal games? Play Creative! Spending just a few hours in this mode, it is possible to win over 200k XP every daywhich equates to about 5 levels daily!

Use and abuse of Save the World

If you have Save the World mode, which can be purchased separately or received as part of one of the many skin packs sold in the game, know that this is one of the best and fastest ways to earn XP these days.

Playing this extra mode you can receive more than 200k XP dailyenough to pass 5 levels in main mode.

Search and collect everything

During Battle Royale matches, open chests, ammo crates, consumable crates, and anything else you can interact with. This also goes for consumables such as mushrooms, apples, corn and cabbage, for example, which can be collected from the ground or from flower beds.

These actions yield small amounts of experience, but as they are very common things you do all the time, when added together yield good amounts of XP at the end of the game.

survive as long as possible

In Battle Royale, Fortnite’s main mode, you gain XP whenever you survive a storm stage. In addition, you also gain extra experience for being one of the few survivors on the map. This means that it may be worth avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

defeat opponents

Or you can just go around attacking everyone and hope for the best. After all, each elimination also offers XP, in addition to earning extra points for certain types of eliminations with certain weapons or with headshots, for example.

So, if your style is more drawn to the side of rampant gunfire, go ahead and secure the experience points!

Talk to NPCs

Over the course of Battle Royale matches, you can chat with characters on the island and earn a little more XP. This is only valid the first time you interact with them in each match.

But, as you’ll probably play several times, just land near an NPC to guarantee the experience and, on top of that, still get some items for free.

fish and hunt

Common tasks like Fishing and hunting also earn experience points. The ideal is to resort to fishing whenever you find a fishing spot and hit wolves, crows and wild boars to gain meat and XP points.

Find all important locations on the map

Whenever you find a new location on the map, whether they are named or not, you earn about 2000 experience points per discovered location. Explore the map a lot to make sure you’ve earned all available XP and visit old spots whenever they are updated in a patch and appear gray on the map!

Play it!

Yes, just play! After all, the game also rewards players with experience points for completing cumulative tasks like eliminating opponents, dealing damage, destroying structures, and more.

In all, each cumulative task has 20 stages that yield 5k XP per stage completed. Finally, you can still earn 20K XP per additional objective completed!

Now that you know how to gain a lot of experience, it’s time to get on the battle bus, hop on the island and get lots of XP to unlock the entire Battle Pass. Enjoy!

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