Gabrielle Union Already Has an Idea for a Possible 'Teenagers' Sequel

The teenage phenomenon ‘Teenagers – Spicy’ recently completed 22 years since its launch – and Gabrielle Unionwho played Isis in the film, already has an idea for the sequel’s story.

Through Twitter, Uninon celebrated the anniversary of the production and took the opportunity to reveal to the fans what he thinks for a possible continuation.

In the post, she wrote: “hmmmm so maybe Isis can have a [filha] adolescent”.

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In 2020, Union and Kirsten Dunstwho played Torrance Shipman, talked about the possibility of a second film.

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During a meeting with the director Peyton Reed and the screenwriter Jessica Bendinger about ideas that a new chapter in the franchise could have.

“Maybe we’re leaders of parent-teacher conferences, I don’t know,” Union said.

Originally released in the year 2000, the classic teen movie carries a concrete legacy that extends to the present day – and which yielded no less than five sequences on VOD (the most recent being released in 2017).

In the plot, “the champion team of cheerleaders, from a rich neighborhood, discovers that their previous captain stole the choreography of a competing team, from the center of the city. The championship is coming, and they need to run to create another choreography.”

The film helped launch the careers of several actresses known today, including Dunst, Union, Eliza Dushku, Lindsay Sloane and Clare Kramer.

box office success, ‘Teenagers – Spicy’ almost raised US$100 million worldwide and had a solid critical reception.

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