God of War: Test for Motion Capture Even Included 'Severed Arm'

who played the God of War knows that Kratos doesn’t take it easy on opponents. What few people know is who he is the person responsible for the mighty blows inflicted by the “good of war” in the 2018 game.

Recently, the actor Eric Jacobus posted a video on his YouTube channel showing the test he sent to Santa Monica Studios suggesting various moves for the bearded protagonist. He spared no effort, throwing all kinds of blows with hands, feet, using a hatchet and even involving some “severed limbs” (scenery, of course).

According to the actor, the team responsible for the 2018 GoW got in touch after watching a video in which he recreated movements from the Tekken series in real life. The studio would have invited him to do a motion capture testbut Jacobus went a little further and recorded a test video with several suggestions for moves for the protagonist — which you can see below:

The moves were mostly different types of punches and kicks at different intensities, but it gets even cooler when the actor pulls a hatchet and starts throwing blows left and right. The apex of the test happens when Jacbus uses a fake arm and leg to illustrate attacks involving dismemberments, making the recording incredibly brutal.

As the actor ended up taking off the job and was responsible for lending the moves to Kratos (and several other characters) in God of War on PS4, it’s very likely that he hit the nail on the head in the kind of material the studio was looking for meet.

Good news for fans who loved Jacobus’ performance in the 2018 game is that the actor is confirmed in the sequelGod of War: Ragnarok, which arrives exclusively on Playstation 4 and PS5 on November 9 this year.

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