'Golden Kamuy': Fourth season of the anime gets trailer and premiere date

A new trailer for the fourth season of ‘Golden Kamuy‘, which is set to premiere on October 3, as reported by Geno via JBox.

Below you can see the trailer with previews of the opening and ending:

Remembering that the production is no longer at the Geno studio, being now in the hands of Brain’s Base, the same as ‘To Your Eternity‘. The direction also changed, being taken over by Shizutaka Sugaharareplacing Hitoshi Nanba, but Noboru Takagi remains responsible for the scripts.

Golden Kamuy‘ is a series in Shueisha’s Young Jump magazine since 2014, with 31 volumes to date — one more must come out, the story is over. Panini publishes the story in Brazil.

The plot follows Sugimoto, a survivor of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), entering the gold rush to try to help the widow of a fellow combatant. In pursuit of riches in Hokkaido, he has his life saved by Asirpa, an Ainu (Hokkaido ethnic group) girl who becomes his partner against corrupt adversaries.

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