Google Stadia: see the exact moment the service was taken down

In September of last year, Google announced the closure of stadiaits cloud gaming service turned out not as sure as expected. The end of operations was then scheduled for yesterday, January 18, 2023when the dummy plug was pulled out of the imaginary socket.

With the imminent end drawing closer, some streamers took the opportunity to make live broadcasts of the last moments of the platform’s life cloud gaming. And one of them managed to capture the exact moment when the service finally went down. To close Stadia’s lifecycle with a flourish, YouTuber Retroity chose to stream gameplay from worm gamea game that — amazingly — was released days before the service ended.

As seen above, at the approximately 47-minute mark of the video, Retroity is simply removed from the game and could no longer open the game. Still, the service was still online for a while longer, disconnecting users gradually. Retroity, for example, managed to stay online on Stadia 20 minutes beyond the stipulated time for the servers to shut down.

Other players reported different times, some being disconnected before or much later than this. But, in the end, the platform really ended up closing its doors for good — but Google at least has plans to enable bluetooth on Stadia controller soon to allow its use on other devices such as PCs.

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