Imagem de: Gran Turismo 7: campanha temática é realizada em São Paulo

Gran Turismo 7 was one of the main games released by Sony in 2022 and, after shining on the tracks of the PlayStation 5 and PS4, their cars also went for a ride through the streets of São Paulo in a very cool promotional action!

This happened on August 2nd, when the campaign called Zeroing the City took place, a themed event celebrating 25 years of the Gran Turismo franchise! In this spirit, the main points of the city of São Paulo hosted a fun race, which you can see in the video below:

Those who know São Paulo well will certainly recognize iconic places in the video such as Avenida Paulista, Praça Charles Miller, Ponte Estaiada and the Capuava Race Track. Before that, the same campaign had already been carried out with the game Horizon Forbidden West, taking the heroine Aloy also to the streets of SP!

In our review here on Voxel, we highly praised Gran Turismo 7’s graphics and gameplay, deeming it “a love letter to automobiles and a very fun game for new and old fans alike”. Check out our video review below:

But what about you, what did you think of this campaign and the game itself? What is your favorite car or franchise chapter? Tell us on Voxel’s social media!

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