Imagem de: Gravity Rush: PlayStation está produzindo filme do game; veja detalhes

One movie from Gravity Rush went into production at the studio PlayStation Productions. In partnership with Scott Free Productions, the film will be directed by Anna Mastro (Secret Society of the Second Royal Children) and will be scripted by Emily Jerome (Panopticon). The information was revealed by Deadline.

According to the publication, although the film is a production of PlayStation Productions, it is not clear if Sony itself will distribute the film or if it has a distribution agreement with another company.

Launched in 2012, Gravity Rush took advantage of the hardware PlayStation Vita delivering an adventure that involved the gravity manipulation. In the role of Kat, players must traverse surreal environments and fight monstrous creatures known as Nevi, using various abilities to protect Heksville at all costs.

The game was one of PS Vita launch titles, abusing the capabilities of the laptop and delivering a fun story inspired by French manga and comics. Years later, in 2016, the title was remastered and released for the PlayStation 4. The following year, in 2017, Kat’s story gained a continuation with the launch of Gravity Rush 2also for PS4.

Just before the sequel arrived, Sony was already toying with the idea of ​​expanding the world of the franchise with the release of Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overturea two-part OVA released on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

There is still no information about the cast and release date of the Gravity Rush movie.

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