'Greek Wedding 3': Nia Vardalos announces END of filming the sequel!

the director Nia Vardalos revealed on his official Twitter that the recordings of ‘Greek Wedding 3’ (‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’) came to an end.

Accompanied by a behind-the-scenes image, the announcement came with the following caption: “Drinks (and beer thrown at us) when we finished filming! I write alone, so I know hundreds of people. I directed this film with my usual calm and methodical manner. Inside, I shed tears of gratitude. With love, from Greece.”

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The first film opened in theaters in 2002, with the production of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilsoncost a low $5 million and grossed over $360 million worldwide.

The sequel was released in 2016 and featured the return of the original cast, and then-rookie Elena Kampouris, playing Nia’s daughter. The film made just $91 million worldwide.

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Fans of the series can expect the Portokalos family and the rest of the original gang to come together for the sequel. Vardalos emphasized that she and the other actors in the series, including Lainie Kazan, John Corbett and Andrea Martinare still very close and have confirmed interest in returning.

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