Imagem de: GTA 6 pode ter DLC single player focado em história, aponta rumor

GTA 6 is increasingly present in the news and, after the producer itself admitted that it wants to set a new standard of quality in the industry, now we have a rumor circulating about the possibility of the game receiving a single player DLC. Understand the question follow!

Rumors began to circulate thanks to insider Tez2, who posted on GTA Forums the possible leak. According to him, the Rockstar Games would be planning to resume its strategy prior to the success of GTA Online with regard to DLC and expansions in general.

Also according to Tez2, the company would be aware that, despite the resounding success and great profit obtained with the online mode, many players express their dissatisfaction with the lack of a DLC for only one player and more focused on story, which fact came to be planned and canceled even in GTA V.

So, the idea is that GTA VI will be released and, when that happens, there will already be a roadmap with a wave of new cities and missions on the way, without having to redirect resources from the main team. This should also allow each DLC to bring with it a new themed Heist for the online gang. Would you like this to be true? Tell us on Voxel’s social media!

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