GTA V reaches absurd graphics levels in PC mod update

The network has been receiving information about a modification for Grand Theft Auto V titled NaturalVision for some time – since 2017 to be exact. However, the team responsible for this project has not stopped working on it, and has been achieving better and better results.

Last Thursday (18), those responsible for the mod released a new trailer showing the progress of this project, and it is already possible to say that he is in an incredible level visually speaking. In case you’re curious, there are even a few moments when the video makes comparisons with the original title, showing what progress has been made so far.

Check out the video in question in the following window:

A detail that draws attention in this work is the concern with the smallest details. We can notice, for example, that the interior of buildings becomes visible using their perspective, climate change and many other elements that were already good in the original game and got even better with this mod.

For the purpose of comparing the progress, you can access this news that we published here on voxel in 2017 and see what has changed since then in this project.

If you’re curious to see all of this on your machine, you can download an Early Access version of the project from this Patreon page. If you download, use the social networks of voxel to share your NaturalVision experience.

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