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In exactly four days the world will be able to celebrate a new Halloween – known here in Brazil as Halloween, and celebrated on October 31st. But for fans of horror and all this theme – even if it’s just pretend scary – the celebrations of the date start at the beginning of the month and last every day of October. To help you, dear reader, to fully get into the mood of this date that we love so much, we continue with our series of articles with tips on films and series that are very suitable to be watched and celebrated on this occasion of scares and chills, but also a lot of fun. Continuing with this year’s column, we now bring tips on the second most popular streaming when we think about the format: Amazon Prime Video. Here we will focus on amazing horror series for you to binge watch. Check below 10 series that we selected for you to start the marathon by getting into the Halloween spirit.

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Our article on series tips to binge watch at the time of Halloween, that is, at the end of October, begins with one of the most recent to debut on the Amazon Prime Video platform. FBI Special Agent Clarice Starling is one of the great heroines of pop culture and cinema, and was immortalized by Jodie Foster in the modern classic The Silence of the Lambs (1991). The character would still gain survival ten years later, with the sequel Hannibal (2001), in which she was played by another strong actress, Julianne Moore🇧🇷 Who takes on the role this time is the young Rebecca Breeds, in the thirteen episodes of the series given as a gift to the character. The narrative takes place in the very next year of the original film.

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And we can’t talk about Clarice without mentioning her counterpart, the cannibalistic psychopath, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, who also won the series. Amazon Prime Video brings this duo of respect and a lot of terror and suspense. After Anthony Hopkinswho inherits the complex character is the multifaceted Danish star Mads Mikkelsen🇧🇷 The show ran for 39 episodes over its three seasons, featuring the bizarre culinary antics of the protagonist, let’s say, peculiar, and his intelligence duel in the cat and mouse game with FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), her first major opponent, before Clarice Starling.

Director’s name Jordan Peele it’s hotter than ever in Hollywood. And the filmmaker seems omnipresent, “machine gunning” quality projects from all sides. Last year he was responsible for the production of the new candyman (our recommendation for the Amazon halloween movie marathon) and this year delivered the lauded Not! Do not look! Going back a little further in time, in the same year that it launched We, Peele also had his hand here in this reimagining of the classic horror, suspense and science fiction series. And his version also yielded memorable episodes.

As mentioned in the article about Halloween movie recommendations on Amazon Prime Video, it is difficult for us to create a list with the theme without some Halloween product. Stephen King – after all, much of the date is associated with the writer, considered the “king of terror” in literature. Here we have another one of his works taken to the screen in the right way, here in the form of a miniseries in eight episodes. James Franco is who stars in the skin of a professor who finds a passage back to the 1960s inside a cafeteria, and ends up receiving the mission to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. But the task will not be easy.

Jordan Peele was so influential in its niche of “racial terror” that it ended up opening doors and creating a school. In fact, if we didn’t know better, we could very well think that this work is his production. Here, the filmmakers also use a very real fear when creating terror within their story – just as Peele did in lovecraft country, for example, another of his TV productions. In Theyor Them (in the original), it shows a black family moving to a white neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, during the 1950s – in an America that is still very segregated. And it takes this very real fear, racism, its supernatural horror.

Here we have an anthology series produced by Ridley Scott🇧🇷 There are twenty episodes in total, ten in each of the two seasons. The first, set in 1848, shows two British warships that are trapped in the ice, leaving their crew at the mercy of starvation, having to resort to cannibalism. In the second season, the focus is on Japanese culture, and takes place during World War II, in a camp that welcomes Americans of Japanese descent in Los Angeles. There, brutal deaths begin to occur and may be related to a mysterious supernatural entity.

One of the newest shows in the Amazon Prime Video catalogue, this is the world’s second derivative created to The Walking Dead, of a reality devastated by a zombie epidemic. Everyone knows the original series well and must be tired of watching it – otherwise, it is also a great option, you just have to be brave enough to face its 11 seasons. That’s why we decided to recommend the most recent derivative, which has only 20 episodes, two seasons and focuses its action on a group of teenagers who are the first generation to grow up in this frightening new world full of creatures hungry for human flesh. But not only that, Amazon also makes available in its catalog Fear the Walking Deadthe first derivative of the horror series – which works as a kind of prequel to the original, showing how the infestation of the living dead in our world began.

We also bring recommendations for those who like to celebrate Halloween away from supernatural stories and prefer more real mysteries, pulled into suspense. And if you like twists and turns, intriguing plots that don’t make it clear where they’re going, this is the game for you. It is worth mentioning that the script of this program was strong enough to attract the star’s attention. Julia Roberts, who stars in the first season, making the series the Oscar winner’s first foray into the small screen. The series is so mysterious that it is difficult to talk about what it is about, just say that Roberts lives a psychologist taking care of the mental health of young soldiers back in the US after missions abroad. She works for a mysterious company. In the second season, the protagonist is the singer Janelle Monae🇧🇷

Based on the book by Joel Hillthe son of Stephen King, the story mixes terror and fantasy, in a tale about a young woman with the gift of jumping to other realities and universes. On this journey, she ends up facing the scary Charlie Manx, a guy who also has a peculiar gift, and uses it to feed on the souls of children. Thus, becoming a declared enemy of the young Vic McQueen, the role of Ashleigh Cummings🇧🇷 The villain is played by Zachary Quintowhich produces the series alongside creator Hill.

Finishing the list of series tips for halloween, we have a true modern classic, which has a true legion of fans – many including our dear readers here at CinePOP. Not every series manages to stay on the air for 15 years, but Supernatural, which tells of the misadventures of two brothers facing all manner of supernatural creatures, accomplished just such a feat. Ahead of the cast, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles starred in all 327 episodes of the absurd 15 seasons of the program, in the roles of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester. This year, the derivative The Winchesters debuted, focusing on the siblings’ parents during their youth. We won’t be masochists asking them to marathon these 15 years, but rather specific episodes of their taste – after all, there’s no shortage of repertoire and Amazon makes them all available.

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